Monday november 12th 2012:

We have some sad news to announce and that is that Jan is leaving the band. He can't combine his work with the band anymore on the level he'd like to so he decided it was better for us and him to go separate ways. We'd like to thank him for the great times we had and wish him all the best with his future (musical) plans and projects.

Statement from Jan:

"Unfortunately I've had to decide to quit with Seven Ends because of job obligations and distance/logistical problems. It sure wasn't an easy decision to make but sad enough an inevitable one. I've had a very nice time with the band and am sure going to miss it all. Ricardo, Cor, Noud and Léon: Thanks for the good times guys and ofcourse a big thanks to everyone that supported the band en all the people that came to our shows. Cheers!"

So as of now we're now looking for a new singer. So if you think that you've got what it takes to be our frontman than do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to . It would be appreciated if you could send some links to video's or mp3's of you peforming. We rehearse in the Weert/Roermond area of Limburg.

Thursday october 11th 2012:

The show this sunday in Eygelshoven is cancelled.

Thursday september 27th 2012:

New show announced. On sunday the 14th of october we will perform at the Egelze Rockt Festival in Eygelshoven. For more info check out the Egelze Rockt facebook.

Wednesday july 18th 2012:

New show announced. We will play at Café Barracuda again on the 11th of august in Hilversum. We had great fun last time we played there (and a headache the day after ;) so we are looking forward to play there again! For more info check out the Café Barracuda website.

Saturday march 24th 2012:

Since yesterday the release of our debutalbum "To the Worms" is a fact! We celebrated it in style at Kafee de Splinter last night with a live presentation of the album. We would like to thank all the people who where there for their support and Infuriate & Rusty Dagger for playing with us. As you can see our website underwent some drastic changes this past week and we can now proudly present to you this new design.

As of today our new merchandise (and some old stuff) is avalaible in our shop and can be ordered by email. Go check it out we have some really cool new designs that look awesome. And you can also buy our brand new album "To The Worms" for only €10,-!

Wednesday march 7th 2012:

New show confirmed. Friday the 13th of april we will play with Inhume, Sabiendas (Ger) and Moment of Silence at the Azijnfabriek in Roermond. For more information check out the Metalnight Facebookpage.

Wednesday february 29th 2012:

To celebrate the release of "To the Worms" in style we are going to do a CD presentation at Kafee de Splinter in Venlo on 23-3-2012 with our friends from Infuriate and old school metal coverband Rusty Dagger. For more information check out the flyer. Be there!!!

Wednesday january 4th 2012:

First of all we wish you all a happy new year! And to start of what is hopefully going to be a great year for us too we can now announce that our debutalbum "To the Worms" will be released on the 23rd of march via Massacre Records. Check out the official report by Massacre Records here.

Wednesday december 7th 2011:

New show in Germany has been confirmed. On january the 28th we will play at the Battles 9 festival in Neuss, Germany together with Inhume, Grind Inc., Lay Down Rotten and many more! Check out our website or the Facebookpage of the festival for more info.

Thursday october 20th 2011:

We have signed a deal with the German recordlabel Massacre Records to release our debutalbum "To the Worms". We are excited to start a coöperation with this legendary label and are looking forward to what the future might bring us. As of yet there's no official releasedate when the album will be released. Probably around march of next year (2012). We'll keep you informed. Stay tuned!